Trewirgie Junior School

Asthma Care


If you have informed us that your child has Asthma, please take some time to read the following:

This school takes responsibility to pupils with asthma very seriously. As part of accepted good practice and with advice from the Department for Education & Skills, Asthma UK and the school’s governing bodies, our school has established a School Asthma Policy for use by all staff (click HERE to view).

As part of this policy, we are asking all parents of children with asthma to help us by completing an asthma plan for their child. 

Using this plan we can make all staff aware of medicines, triggers and individual symptoms. This card can also give the school permission where needed to administer an emergency inhaler.

It is in your interest to ensure your child has their inhaler with them at all times. This should be clearly labelled. The school have an emergency inhaler kit on site but this is ONLY to be used in emergencies and ONLY with written consent from the parent.  

As a school we are happy to help your child administer their inhaler but it is important that they start to learn how to self-administer their inhalers. See the links below for help and advice with this. 

If parents are worried about their child administering their inhalers they can visit any boots store to be given an assessment and be shown techniques. They can also visit their GP or asthma nurse for advice.

A video to show techniques for providing the Asthma Inhaler: - Asthma UK advice page.

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