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Physical Education

At Trewirgie Junior School, PE has always been an important part of our school and we are passionate about the vital role that this plays in the development of our children. Participation in PE leads to improved physical fitness and positive mental health and wellbeing. It also helps to build a child’s self-esteem and emotional resilience. PE gives children opportunities to work together and through this, build the sense of connection with others. 

Our PE curriculum enables children to be taught a wide range of PE skills which are built upon year on year. Sports that we cover in school include: Tag Rugby, Football, Netball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Rounders, Athletics, Dance and Swimming (Year 6).  In addition to this, we offer a multitude of after school sport clubs which give children an opportunity to develop skills learnt in PE lessons, into game situations in after school clubs.

We believe that PE and school sport play an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every child, with the potential to change their lives for the better. PE can increase self-esteem and confidence and we want to harness this within other lessons too. We are committed to using our Sports Premium funding to develop high-quality PE and Dance lessons, alongside offering greater opportunities for sporting competitions and clubs for all our children.

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