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Having an impact and making a difference is at the heart of our school’s curriculum, which computing plays a vital role in facilitating at Trewirgie Junior school. Giving the children the opportunity to leave a legacy and strive for an ambition is essential in our curriculum, as we understand that technological development has made the globe an exciting place to learn and connect internationally in a variety of ways. Our goal is to support children to become independent, innovative and responsible users of technology in order to equip them for the future in an increasingly computing rich world.


At Trewirgie Junior School, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality computing curriculum and aim to become an "e-confident" school. We aim to deliver an excellent computing education, which equips children to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and have an impact on the world around them. We recognise that computing is a crucial subject, which forms an integral part of our curriculum. Our broad and enriched curriculum will teach children key knowledge about how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. Learners will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of a variety of computational systems throughout their time at Trewirgie Junior school.


Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Curriculum Coverage  

Computing strategies to support children with SEND
















"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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