Trewirgie Junior School



As a school we aim to develop our children as active local and global citizens where they learn to take action to make a difference, have an impact and leave a legacy. Below are a few examples of these. 

Girls' Declaration

As a Rights Respecting Gold School, we submitted a Declaration for Girls' Education. As a result of this were invited to the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Girls' Education. 



Following an invitation from Cornwall Council, our children produced a video for the G7 Summit, held in Cornwall, to share their thoughts on what matters to them and what they wanted world leaders to hear. 

Citizenship Award 

The school has 6 core values. Each if these links to a learning to learn skill. The school's core aim of equality directly links to Citizenship. This has a progressive set of skills and attributes that the children work towards. Each Friday assembly a child from each class  is awarded the citizenship badged their citizenship attributes are celebrated. 


Climate Change 

As part of the school's curriculum children are given opportunities to learn about, and take action about things that matter to them. This Year 3 projects looked at the impact of the environment on bees. By creating a bee friendly area, alongside a sign and QR film, the children can do their bit and educate others to do the same. 

Community Calendar 

As part of a whole school project our children made the decision to address the food inequalities within our community by producing a community calendar. Local sponsorship was gained to cover the cost. The children then went into the local community to talk about what they were trying to do. They ended up raising a massive £4300 for the CPR Foodbank. more than this, they demonstrated their love and care for people within their own community. 



When learning about the past, our children need to make links with today. Through a topic on War and conflict, the children learnt the heartbreaking stories of children and families who have to leave their war torn communities to seek sanctuary and refuge. As a Rights Respecting Gold School, the children made the decision to create a book to help others to have a real understanding for those placed in this position. Their work supports UNICEFs rights for all children. 


"Make a difference, have an impact, leave a legacy"
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